A word from Pastor Al:

Growth is a process that takes purposeful positioning. God often chooses to bring growth into our lives through other people, where we are encouraged, challenged and sharpened. 

I urge you to consider being a part of what God is doing here in Randallsville by joining a group. I believe you will experience God's heart as He connects our hearts together, so we can reach the world for Him!


The Goodchild Connect Group

Group Type: Everyone

Day:  Every other Sunday after church @ 1:00 p.m.

Leaders: Jack and Vicky Goodchild

Location: The Community Center at RNLC

Contact: goodchild@citlink.net or 607-334-4628

Hamilton Village Connect Group

Group Type: Adult (no childcare)

Day: Every other Tuesday @ 7 p.m.

Leaders: Pastor Al Chandler

Location: Hamilton

Contact: Betty Webb 607-316-0464

Revelation Study

Group Type: Everyone

Day: Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

Leaders: Scot and Connie Ioset

Location: at the Iosets' house

Contact: Sioset@twcny.rr.com

Madison Lanes Ladies Bible Study

Group Type: Ladies (no childcare)

Day: Every Friday @ 10 a.m.

Leaders: Bonny Keys

Location: at the Keys' house

Contact: praybonny@hotmail.com 


Prayer Meeting - Tuesdays (via Zoom)

Group Type: Everyone

Day: Tuesday night @ 6:30 p.m.

Leaders: Richie and Bonny Keys

Location: on Zoom

Contact: praybonny@hotmail.com

Healing Rooms of Madison County 

Group Type: Prayer for healing

Day: Wednesday nights @ 7 p.m.

Leaders: Glen and April Trush

Location: on Zoom

Contact: aprilstrush@gmail.com

Prayer for Our Nation Group

Group Type: Everyone

Day: Every morning @ 7 am

Leaders: Bonny Keys

Location: via Zoom

Contact: praybonny@hotmail.com


Interwoven Hearts

Group Type: Women

Day: Thursday 9 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.

Leaders: Connie Ioset & Meg Parfitt

Location: 1st Baptist Church, Hamilton (6:30pm meeting on Zoom only)

Contact: sioset@twcny.rr.com parfitt2@verizon.net

The Third Option - Marriage Enrichment Support Group

Group Type: Married couples (childcare available)

Day: Every other Wednesday @ 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Leaders: Tom and Beverly Settle

Location: Resurrection Life Fellowship - Eaton

Contact: tto@res-life-fellowship.com http://www.thethirdoption.com/


Q: Why should I attend a Connect Group?

A: To fellowship with others and encourage frowth in the Lord.

Q: How long do Connect Groups meet?

A: Generally about 1-2 hours weekly or by-monthly.

Q: What does "Everyone Group" mean?

A: A group that is not gender/age specific.

Q: When can I join a Connect Group?

A: Anytime!

Q: What are others saying?

A: "So this is what Jesus was talking about in John 17:23." - Rebecca

A: "There's family, friends, and then those you really connect with." - Tim & Carol

A: "The CG has opened the door to a whole new world of fellowship, friendship, and support." - Chris

A: "Whenever you have trouble, turn to God and then your CG. They will pray you through." - Bill & Sue

A: "Fellowship, growing friendships, bringing trust and growth." - Connie & Cal

A: "It has helped in tough times through unconditional love, support, and prayer." - Mary

A: "We have been blessed and feel loved by the prayers, fellowship, emails and support..." - Warren & Wendy 


10am Worship Service  /  Tuesday 6:30pm Prayer Meeting / Zoom Meeting
1528 River Rd.  Hamilton, NY 
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